Based on over 20 years of trust, love, and respect, 
we go beyond Fair Trade by promoting our suppliers ownership of their futures, by revaluing natural resources and nurturing women as the principal economic actors.
 We offer our customers worldwide, the purest super foods and body oils from Benin, West Africa!
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Achieve abundant health and wellness with ancient functional, whole foods; Traditionally hand-processed Baobab Superfruit Powder, Virgin Red Palm Oil, Moringa Leaf Powder, Fonio, and African Honey!


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Indulge in radiant beauty with 100% natural, raw ingrediants; Traditionally hand-processed African Neem Oil, Baobab Body Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, and Virgin Red Palm Oil!

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Hand-crafted African Timuti Grass Bracelets and Vibrant African Tote Bags, these color accessories are perfect for any occasion and go great with all styles!

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It's the fruit of the African Tree of Life, processed by the wise women of Atacora Fair Partnership Women's Co-op. As guardians of the indigenous knowledge of product transformation, these women create the finest Baobab products on the market! 

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As a company we are committed to promoting African women and sustainable agriculture. We do this through our Atacora Fair Partnership™ Coop and our search for organic products.