African Neem Oil

People in Africa and Asia think of neem as the “village pharmacy” and for centuries the health benefits of neem oil for people, plants and animals have been revered. Long languishing in Africa with little commercial value, Atacora is enthused to participate in the rebirth of this miraculous tree.

The benefits of Atacora’s African Neem Oil for skin, scalp, pets and gardens are numerous.

For skin and scalp:
  • Soothes irritated or dry skin and scalp conditions through emollient and moisturizing qualities
  • Nourishes skin and hair
For pets:
  • Promotes healthy immune system and skin either by adding in shampoo or applying directly
  • Reduces itching and scratching
For gardens, greenhouses and grow rooms:
  • Pest control not harmful to mammals, birds, bees and earthworms
  • EPA approved for agricultural and horticultural use as insect repellent and biopesticide against plant diseases and nematodes

2 oz (59 ml) $9.95

16 oz (473 ml) $25.95

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Suggested Use



Skin & Scalp

Apply this rich oil sparingly to moisturize and soothe irritated skin. Add African Neem Oil to creams, lotions and shampoos



Mix with pet shampoo and apply directly to coat 




Plants & Gardens

Mix 2 teaspoons of neem oil with 1-2 teaspoons of natural soap (liquid) or detergent and 1 quart of warm water in a spray bottle.  Shake well and often to emulsify. Spray both sides of the plant leaves every 5-10 days for healthy, resistant, and vigorous plants.

From a Traditional Source

Atacora’s neem oil is wild harvested sustainably from neem trees that grow in the wilds of Benin. We buy the neem seeds directly from farmers and schools, which are then cold pressed and processed by the Atacora Fair Partnership™ Women’s Co-Op. These women apply age-old indigenous methods of transformation in our own controlled, clean facility.

African Neem Oil is powerful stuff – for its many uses and for how our Fair Partnership™ helps a group of wise working women with better access to health care, better nutrition and schooling for more girls and boys.