We go beyond Fair Trade by promoting people’s ownership of their futures based on revalued resources and by nurturing women as the principal economic actors.


Relationships & Traceability

A partnership based on over 20 years of love, trust and respect. President David Goldman and Beninese co-founders worked together when David served in the Peace Corps in the same communities over 20 years ago.

Atacora knows every supplier and producer personally, nearly 500 and counting, bringing a superior product from the trees in Africa directly to our customers. No middle man!


Revaluing Indigenous Resources

Baobab and Neem are abundant, wild and sustainable. Despite this, they have thus far provided little economic advancement for the producers. 

Providing market access helps address poverty and inequality, and promotes environmental stewardship. 

We revalue human resources by paying fair prices and wages to improve livelihoods.


Women’s Empowerment

The money that Atacora pays the women in Atacora Fair Partnership™ Co-operative supplements their earnings from agriculture and beer brewing. 

These wages open access to health care and education that they might not otherwise have. 

Proceeds from the sales of Baobab Fruit benefit the entire household. 

The proceeds from sales in the African marketplace stay in Africa, providing more work for the women in our co-op and an expanded market for tree growers. Africa for Africans.



Dedicated supplier villages benefit from community health and education projects and capacity building. 

Beninese team has profit incentives for urban African market initiatives they design and implement themselves. This is a cornerstone of Fair Partnership. 

Atacora collaborates with local government, NGOs and village groups on co-created microprojects.


Purity and Quality

All product transformation is performed by our 32+ women’s co-op at our own facility. All of these women have been trained in hygienic and organic standards, making our products pure and contaminate free.

Atacora’s endless training campaigns have brought village producers to understand that if they can correctly condition their amazing products for the global market, they can better determine their own futures. Ownership, not dependency.



Our leadership, workers and suppliers in Benin are ‘of the people’; tied by clan and village. 

As a collective, our mission is to directly contribute to the fight against poverty and inequality in the region by supporting locally designed initiatives in the fields of education, health care and environmental sustainability.

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