Baobab Super Fruit Powder

The benefits of Atacora’s Virgin Red Palm Oil are numerous.

  • Potent antioxidant.
  • Offers cardio protection, neuro-protection and skin nutrition.
  • High in Vitamin E.
  • Approximately 17 times more beta-carotene than carrots (per 100g).
  • Has the highest alpha-carotene level among all plant sources.
  • Has been known to reduce LDL cholesterol levels and increase brain function.

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Suggested Use

Great tasting and great for you,
add Atacora Virgin Red Palm Oil into your:

  • dressings
  • soups
  • Sauces
  • salads

From A Traditional Source

Our palm trees are part of the productive and sustainable landscape. In many cases they are grown in natural palm groves that are the result of long-term resource management. In other cases, palm trees have been planted as community or family palm stands as part of agroforestry systems.